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Welcome to Your Liftoff Community!

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Liftoff Community,

We’ve been working quietly on something we think you’ll consider a game-changer. For nearly all of 2022, our team has been working closely with a select group of Liftoff subscribers to help develop a space and platform from which all Liftoff subscribers can benefit.

As of this blog entry, we have incredibly exciting news to share with you. Today marks the grand opening of your Liftoff Community! We’re calling this your community, because that’s what it is: a space where you can communicate and work with other subscribers, share tips and tricks, discuss important business challenges, learn, and ultimately get the most out of your Liftoff subscription.

Access our new community here!

It’s more than just a space. It’s an ecosystem.

The Liftoff Community isn’t just another space to share information. All users of Liftoff have a place here. The community is designed to be a diverse landscape, inviting all subscriber users, regardless of company type or position. In your community you’ll find the following types of folks:

  • Print, promo, and apparel distributors

  • Marketing firms and agencies

  • Development firms and agencies

  • Fortune 500/100 enterprises

  • Manufacturers, suppliers, and vendors

  • The Liftoff team

Our goal is to represent every facet of the supply chain in our community, granting you the ability to use the community to network and grow your business in ways you’ve never imagined.

Finding people (networking) is easy and fun.

One of our primary goals for the community is enabling networking and sharing among subscribers. We’ve designed this community to make it easy to find who you’re looking for. The community allows you to search on the following criteria:

  • Name

  • Location

  • Company

  • Status

  • Bio and headline description

  • Tagging

    • Company type

    • Role / position

    • Interests

If you’re curious about the tags that can be applied to search, the community is launching with the following tags in place (let’s try and use the icons Circle has in place)s:

  • Automation - for anyone interested in efficiencies, no-code solutions, and more

  • Biz Dev - designed for members who are part of a business development team or organization

  • Technologist - meant for anyone who’s interested in technology and the leading edge

  • Developer - for our members who develop software or web-based solutions

  • Decorator - this tag is for our supplier members who provide decoration services

  • Prepress - for any member who deals with prepress activities

  • Pageflex Expert - this tag is exclusively for members who demonstrate Pageflex prowess on the Liftoff platform

  • Operations - if you’re in an operations position, this tag is for you

  • Marketing - designed for members who are part of marketing teams or firms

  • Sales - meant for anyone in the general field of sales

  • IT - specifically created for our members who are IT professionals

  • Liftoff Expert - if we think you’re a Liftoff expert, you’ll be tagged with this icon

  • Distributor - for any members that distribute products or services

  • Agency - meant for marketing agencies

  • Team Liftoff - designates that the community member works for Liftoff

  • Tech Partner - our technology partners will have this tag on their profile

  • Manufacturer - any member that makes material goods

  • Supplier - any member that provides goods or services

  • Apparel - any member that works with apparel

  • Promo - any member that deals in promotional products

  • Print - any member that works with printed goods and products

We’re going to share all the news and updates here.

Our goal is to provide accurate and fast information and knowledge to our subscribers. The community will be the new home for all of the information the Liftoff team wants to share with you. We’ll use the community to provide you information around the following topics:

  • New features and release details

  • Hotfixes and bug fixes

  • Our roadmap and the future of the platform

  • Tips and tricks

  • Exciting / sharable news from our subscribers

  • Community-developed content

  • Videos and learning opportunities

  • Company announcements

  • …and much much more!

This is your time to shine.

Are you an expert Liftoff subscriber? Do you want to share your knowledge with others or generate content that services the community? We’re looking for moderators, content creators, and experts to help start conversations, demonstrate the power of Liftoff, and provide content that focuses on the unique perspectives of our members. If you want to help, reach out to your account manager for more information.

We want to hear from you.

Do you have great ideas for the Liftoff platform? Are you ready to share your thoughts on features that promise to keep Liftoff on the leading edge? The community is the perfect place to share your perspective and ideas for a better Liftoff platform. We will extend periodic surveys that seek to garner information that will help us build the next generation of features that bring the most benefit to our subscribers. If you haven’t considered this before, now is the time to get the gears turning!

It’s a casual atmosphere.

Have you secretly wanted to use emojis when penning your next strategic move but aren’t allowed to? Our business challenges bring us enough to worry about in a given day. Feel free to let your guard down here and challenge the status quo. Emojis, memes, gifs, and jokes are all welcome here. Consider this the “cool kids” watercooler and come share in the fun!

It’s free with your subscription.

The best part? There’s no cost at all for Liftoff subscribers to access the community. All you need to do to access the community is log in to your My Liftoff console and click the “Liftoff Community” button that appears in the top right corner of your screen. If you do not see the button in your My Liftoff console, check with your subscription administrator; you may need additional access permissions granted by your organization to view the community.

It’s a safe space.

Our community guidelines promote healthy and safe use of the platform, free from bullying, disparaging comments, inequitable content, and intimidation. Our team and moderators are trained to thwart potentially harmful posts and remarks on the platform and will not tolerate any potentially harmful or offensive content. We want our subscribers to enjoy their experience in the community and will take all steps necessary to protect the interests of our collective membership within the community.


Lastly, we want you to engage with other members. Like, comment, share, and encourage other members in the community. The more we all participate, the better the community will serve all of us. Each month, we will award members with the highest engagement scores with free swag AND an exclusive tag that signifies their contribution to the community. We all win when we’re all contributing towards the betterment of the community!



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