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A Commerce Platform With Deep Roots in Print, Promo, Apparel, and Branded Merchandise...


It all started with
the need to fill a
few gaps...

It was 2012, and the branded merch space was already littered with many long-serving ecommerce fulfillment platforms. Starting a new ecommerce platform with so many advanced viable options seemed like an impossible task, but many of these platforms were missing important features, modern design elements, scalability, dedicated support, and the ability to deliver an Amazon-like experience to their clients. 

From the pleading voices of the industry,
Liftoff Commerce was born...

We needed experts to build a great platform...

We knew we had one chance to enter this space successfully, which meant securing talent with expertise in print, promo, and apparel. The Liftoff team was assembled using experienced subject matter experts from around the industry; people with intricate knowledge of the products, procedures, and drive that comprise this space. 

This team was motivated to build an intuitive platform that changed how you transact business in this space...

Working at Open Space_edited.jpg
Colleagues Working Together

We partnered with businesses like yours, and we listened...

Eager to ensure the success of our subscribers, we have partnered with each one, listening to their unique needs, opportunities, and dreams for a better platform. Liftoff Commerce has evolved into the platform it is today due to this partnership, and we continue to carry this tradition through our online community, a place where you can learn from other subscribers, see the roadmap for the platform, and network with industry peers. 

And now, the future is in your hands...


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