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Liftoff is an incredible platform, but you don't have to take our word for it.
Below are just some of the many incredible public testimonials our subscribers have provided...

"Easy to use
with exceptional  functionality"

We work with several e-commerce technologies. They tend to leapfrog each other as they introduce new functionality.

Liftoff is not only leading the pack but will stay there based on their aggressive
release schedule.

We have been able to secure some new business based on functionality we could
not find in other highly rated e-commerce companies. All this on top of great
customer service.


Jeff Greenbury 
President, NPN360

"Liftoff is a true game changer."

Liftoff has shown us that they are a legitimate player in the software industry related to a full ERP solution.

Each day my team and others continue to be impressed by the capabilities of the software.


John S.

"An excellent upgrade!"

We have had an excellent experience with our conversion to Liftoff. After the initial training, we were able to quickly upload our data from our previous platform to Liftoff. In addition, their customer service and response to any new features or questions have been excellent. I would highly recommend Liftoff.


Sydney H.
Capterra, Marketing and Advertising

"Liftoff is an amazing addition
for any B2B or POD solution"

I think the best and most valuable part of Liftoff is not the platform but the team that makes the platform possible for all users on the spectrum of eCommerce. Their dedicated team of Account Managers and Development members make all of this possible. With an intuitive UI, I feel spoiled when using other sites in terms of accessibility and ease of use.


Katelynn P.
Graphic Dimensions

"Excellent for
multi-channel e-commerce"

Liftoff makes it possible and pretty easy to manage a multi-channel e-commerce platform in a single dashboard.


Craig C.
General Manager, Move N Store

"Up to the most
extreme challenges..."

We have used [the Liftoff team] for the development of a number of technology solutions, including web-to-print, PURLs, and other related technologies. We have found the Liftoff team to be very professional, creative, and responsive to our needs and the needs of our customers


Tom L.
VP Sales, Smart Source

"My platform of choice
for company stores."

Liftoff allows us to build robust, enterprise B2B e-commerce sites for our clients.

For online company stores in the branded merch and print distributor space, I would be hard pressed to consider other platforms.


Eric Granata 
CTO Brand Fuel

"Unleashing the Power of Efficiency:
A Comprehensive Review of
Liftoff eCommerce Solution"

For both B2B and B2C sellers, Liftoff's many fantastic features make it simple to manage eCommerce sales, shipping, and site content.

For my online store, I have been using Liftoff, and I am very happy with the features it offers. Because the solution is cloud-based,
I can easily access my store and manage my sales, shipping, and site content from
any location


Emil L.
Internet Marketing/Graphic Designer

"This software is very easy to use.
I have been able to set up new accounts and maintain
them easily"

I enjoy having the independence to set up new accounts and still have the option of tapping into the well experienced Liftoff customer service team if I run into issues. Liftoff has an abundance of features for all types of E-commerce as well as the ability to integrate with our internal systems through various API's.


Liftoff is constantly adding features and improving their software and many times based on our client's specific requests.
This flexibility and responsiveness makes
Liftoff one of the most powerful tools in
this industry.


Jaime P.
Print, Promo, and Apparel Industries

"Incredibly scalable commerce"

This past year we were asked for a custom web to print ecommerce application by one of our top clients. Not only did [the Liftoff team] successfully help solve this request but has also secured additional business for us
as well.

Their attention to detail and support coupled with competitive pricing has been excellent. Our integration with Liftoff has only
just begun…


Stuart Boyar
CEO, Cooley Group

"The platform that sets the standard for the industry."

I'm not bragging - but we have an AWESOME website which is all thanks to [the Liftoff team]…

Their creative talent is amazing, their pricing very reasonable and their ongoing support has been first-rate.


Claudia St. John
CEO, Affinity HR Group

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