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Premier Implementations Partner: Coverdale

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Greetings, Liftoff Community!

We’re proud to announce that Coverdale Group has joined the Liftoff platform as a premier implementations partner. Coverdale Group has been a leading provider of storefront and Pageflex template development for platforms such as Four51 for over 25 years and now brings their expertise to Liftoff. This means you now have multiple expert service provider options for your implementation needs.

“Coverdale Group has been a key player in the variable print and ecommerce space for over two decades”, said Andrew Alford, President of Liff Ecommerce. “I’m excited to welcome Mike McNew and the Coverdale team to our community. They are truly experts in their field.” Mike McNew, Coverdale’s Managing Director, commented “We’re excited to join the Liftoff community and provide our services. Liftoff is an exceptional platform and we’re thrilled to have an opportunity to work with such a forward-thinking community of users.”

We highly encourage our subscribers to explore Coverdale’s service options for your next project. You’ll find their pricing and service models to be evenly matched to Liftoff’s internal subscriber services offerings.

How do I contact Coverdale Group?

Working with Coverdale is as easy as creating a ticket or email. New and existing Coverdale clients may begin submitting project requests through Coverdale’s online service portal: Alternatively, you may email which will create a service request ticket and begin your process.

When should I contact Coverdale versus Liftoff’s subscriber services team?

You are welcome to reach out to either party for your projects as you wish. Both teams provide similar levels of service and throughput. Our goal is to provide you with flexible options and the project bandwidth you need for your most demanding projects.

What types of projects may I consider for Coverdale?

Coverdale’s initial engagement will be limited to Pageflex template development and installation; however, additional service offerings, including site builds, may be available later this year.



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