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Liftoff 2.5 Release Notes

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Happy holidays, Liftoff community!

It’s hard to believe that 2018 is coming to a close, leaving us just a couple of weeks away from a brand new year. We hope that this year has proven to be a great year for you, your business, and your families. This will be our last release email this year and we have so much great news to share with you. Below is a recap of our recent developments and what they mean for your Liftoff platform.

Combined minimum quantities

We’ve created a new rule type that allows you to set up ordering rules specific to a product when you need to enforce a minimum order quantity, but need to spread that quantity out over various SKUs (such as size, color, and possibly decoration). This feature can block ordering until the aggregate quantity of SKUs meets the rule’s established minimum quantity.

To create your own combined quantity rule, navigate to Ecommerce > Rules and add a new rule for “Order In Cart”. Within your IF condition, select “Product quantity is under”. It will expose an option to select a specific product and the ability to specify the minimum quantity for it.

Ecomnomic nexus management

With the recent South Dakota vs Wayfair decision, states are now eligible to collect tax from online purchases, even if the distributor of that product is not physically based in the state the item is shipping to. Liftoff has been upgraded to allow for the handling of economic nexus in response to this new ruling. Under Ecommerce > Taxes, you will note that we have added a tab that allows you to specify economic presence in addition to the existing physical presence. Select each state that you know you’ll need to collect taxes for and Liftoff will include these elements when processing tax calculations. These settings can be configured for each of your accounts / sites within Liftoff.

Batch job updates

We’ve been working hard to ensure your batch job functions provide the most intuitive and efficient way of applying bulk changes to your store’s products, users, categories, budgets, and more. Over the past 6 weeks, we’ve released incremental upgrades to batch jobs, including the following new import routines:

  • Product images – upload a zip archive of images directly to your store that will be mapped to your products

  • Product pricing – upload a vertical record of your product pricing separate from the existing product upload sheet

  • Setup fees – easily apply setup fees to your products in bulk fashion

  • Multi-vendor workflow mapping – you can now configure multi-vendor workflows through this utility

Before you start a new batch upload sheet, please ensure you download the latest version of the file from your Liftoff account. We are quietly removing elements from the product import sheet such as pricing, vendors, and eventually inventory in favor of dedicated upload sheets for each.

City and state overrides

Liftoff uses many web-based services such as Google Maps and USPS to validate address details during the ordering process. There have been several instances where the data provided from these resources is not correct. To resolve this, each area of the site where an address is collected now allows you to manually override the city and state when you've determined that incorrect information has been supplied by our address validation partners.

Registration workflows

Many of you have expressed the need to enforce special registration workflows for your sites. This new feature allows you to approve any new registrant prior to them being able to place orders. A secondary phase of this, which will be released in a future rollout, will permit you to create rules and conditions around the type of data being entered at registration time. Ultimately, this will allow you to automate the fulfillment of user roles at registration time.

To enable this feature, navigate to Customers > Settings and place a checkmark in the “Set new registrants to inactive” box. Once set, you will need to approve any new registrants before they’re able to place an order.

Global vendor management

In addition to managing vendors at your account / site level, Liftoff now allows you to manage your vendors at a platform level, giving you the ability to set up vendors that can be shared across all of your accounts. This includes the ability to map order emails, supplier integrations, and order fulfillment workflows. To make changes at a global level, you may go to All Accounts > Products > Vendors. Any changes you make here will be immediately reflected in all of your existing accounts / sites that reference a vendor already in use.

Have questions?

As always, please feel encouraged to reach out to our account management team. They’re equipped to answer your questions and are ready to help.

Toll Free: 877-600-2019



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