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You Are a Genius!

What is genius?

Have you ever met someone whom you considered to be a genius? What is it about them that makes you think this?

Scientists from a wide range of disciplines have tried to answer this question by studying Albert Einstein's brain. He's someone most everyone can agree was a genius; what made him that? What was different about the structure of that man's brain that made him a once-in-a-generation thinker?

Was it his neurons that made the difference...or was it something else?

Perhaps a better question to answer might be the same one we started with: something like, "Why do we think of Einstein as a genius?"

He was intelligent, to be sure, but was that the key to his discoveries? If major breakthroughs are only a matter of IQ, then why doesn't everyone with high intelligence make genius contributions to humanity?

There's something else going on here.

And here's the key: That "something" is available to every one of us, regardless of IQ. The magic ingredient is perspective.

The key to discovery and success is making connections between seemingly unrelated things or ideas, in a way few or no one has done before. Innovation and breakthrough require a different viewpoint. When we think about a genius concept, we often think, "That was incredibly smart." More importantly, though, we always think, "How did they manage to come up with that? I never would've seen that!"

The principle holds true in any field or discipline, including ecommerce. Reinventing the wheel can work, but the true leaders on the web are those who swim in a different stream - the ones who manage to take a step back and see things differently.

The beauty here is that a change in perspective is available to anyone - not just the Einsteins of the world - and it doesn't "just happen." By learning and exploring and asking questions, making the effort to see what your competitors don't, you can break from the pack and be an ecommerce genius!

So get out there and discover! Listen and read and converse and learn. Make new connections with new people and new ideas. Find the genius in you, hit that target no one else has seen, and realize the success you've dreamed of!



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