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Virtual Engagement Basics- Connecting Via Social Media

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Why does online engagement matter?

The amount of customer engagement you partake in can make or break the relationship between your business and your clientele. Building a business is a difficult task, but, with the right tools, engagement can boost website traffic and keep your audience happy! Even just a few simple adjustments to your branded social media can bring in hundreds or thousands of interested people. To help you get started on better building your brand, here are the best simple practices we recommend to ensure audience engagement.

1. Work with multiple social platforms.

In this day and age, the internet runs most of our world. The best resource for customer engagement sits in the palm of our hands and on the desks in front of us every day. Invest your time in creating and running accounts across multiple platforms, whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or even TikTok! Depending on your targeted audience, you can increase the number of eyes that might be interested in your product. Most people use at least one of these applications daily, and a single view could turn into thousands once the right people come across your business profile.

Determining which website to build your community through can feel like rough terrain, but the more posts you spread in more places, the more traction you can gain. Many social media websites offer paid advertising which, using website trackers, can pick out potential buyers based on their internet usage. These targeted prospective customers will have interests relating to your product, making sales more likely. Facebook and Tiktok are great examples of two social media sites with built-for-business analytics and advertising offerings.

2. Building a community

Having a sense of community is important in your personal life, so why not bring it into the professional world? The more connected the buyer is to the seller, the more likely a product is to be purchased. Social resources such as forums, blogs, comment sections, and even online marketplaces can be used to better connect with your business's target market.

Building a community is about more than just the space it’s held in, but also by the personal connections we make. Get to know your consumers, and you will better understand how to market and develop your product. Engage in comment sections, like and share posts, and create unique content. Your blog should be not just informative, but welcoming. As your business grows, the comfort of community will bring in long-time, loyal customers.

3. Content- What should we post?

Always be thoughtful of what you’re offering and your ideal market when it comes to content. A profile, and everything posted in association with it, is a business’ voice. Post mindfully; try to keep a consistent voice that will become recognizable amongst your clientele. In your updates, incorporate what’s going on today or what may be trending within your market to keep your audience interested.

Uploading pictures or videos can grab attention, bringing in more views. Unique, trendy posts may gain more traction. When it comes down to it, using social media as a means of marketing is all about the number of people who view your content. Quality uploads are integral to a successful blog. You can choose to go in whatever direction suits your company’s needs most- whether you opt for a fun, random posting experience like the popular team at Denny’s Tumblr, or for a more professional voice. Keep in mind that, in this changing business world, giving your company its own personality does not have to take away from your legitimacy as a brand.

4. Respond!

Whether it’s responding to a review or getting back to your customers, time means everything! Think of the last time you ordered something online that didn’t quite go to plan. Having to deal with inadequate customer service and long-unanswered messages can be frustrating, leading to a lack of trust in a company. Keep your business on its toes, ready to engage in any customer communication the moment it’s needed.

Replying to comments, emails, and reviews can begin to feel tedious to keep up with, and responses can feel overly repetitive to the consumer over time. Despite sounding troublesome, these steps are necessary to build a business. Communication is everything; This can be accomplished by responding to comments with more personalized messages as opposed to repetitive, robotic replies and keeping the conversation on course.

At the end of the day, exposure means everything to a business. This makes the way you market your product in your online space all the more important. Following the tricks on this list in harmony can make client engagement easier and yield better results. Keep an eye on your analytics as you put these basic tips into practice, as your account could soar!



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