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SaaS and PaaS - Suiting Your Ecommerce Needs

Interested in using a subscription-based business model for your e-commerce company? Why not use one of the industry’s leading services like SaaS and PaaS. Indulge yourself into the vast knowledge of SaaS and PaaS, two business models that are transforming the e-commerce industry.


Software as a service, better known as SaaS, can provide your e-commerce business with numerous benefits when selling via a subscription. Selling your products via SaaS allows for a continued revenue stream, providing a more sustainable monthly income for your business; unlike full version licensing, where it is raked it in at the beginning.

SaaS also allows for version distribution within your e-commerce company. The beauty of SaaS version distribution is that it is an application served up from your location to the client, making support for the software a breeze. Basically, when you patch/update/add features, you can be sure that all your customers receive the deployment so maintaining support for older versions is null.


Platform as a service, referred to as PaaS, can provide your e-commerce business with more vast features than SaaS. One of these vast features is scalability. The scalability is achieved because a PaaS allows you to start with a single virtual machine (VM) and scale it either forwards or backwards, depending on demand.

A platform as a service also allows a redundant attribute. With a PaaS, your e-commerce company can run its servers in multiple locations across the globe to ensure that one local epidemic can’t take out your entire business.

Speed is another feature that highlights a PaaS. Having multiple VM’s in a wide array of locations allows your e-commerce site to load with little-to-no latency. The speed is achieved because the multiple virtual machines act as a cluster where the user’s request will ping the closest server to them.

Why go SaaS or PaaS?

Software as a service has experienced massive growth over the past decade, and will continue to grow at a sustainable rate for years to come. Platform as a service has also began to surge, making it one of the hottest trends in business.

SaaS and PaaS subscription-based models are also highly praised and sought out because SaaS and PaaS are rented software and rented platforms, respectively. Being rented, there is no huge up-front cost and you, the renter, are not having to deal with constant aging hardware over time.

Check out Liftoff’s PaaS

Looking for a top-notch example of how you can use PaaS for your e-commerce company? Liftoff is exactly what you need. Here at Launchpad Intelligent Software, our Liftoff platform uses the features listed above along with many other amenities at our disposal. “Cloud” storage is one of Liftoff’s highly praised attributes, which is all thanks to PaaS. So, check out what all Liftoff is capable of doing as a PaaS and then judge for yourself.



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