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Our commitment to equality

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

To the protestors standing against brutality and injustice, we are with you.

We need change. We support:

  • Increased focus on de-escalation tactics

  • Transparency and accountability in law enforcement

  • Deepened relations between communities and law enforcement

  • Mental health awareness and assistance

  • Whatever it takes to serve and protect all people humanely

Change starts today. Effective immediately, and in perpetuity, we’re taking the following measures to combat racism everywhere Launchpad has reach:

  • Reviewing our policies, hiring procedures, and training programs; and taking measures to improve our practices

  • Researching organizations that we can fund or partner with to help our communities

  • Hearing the voices of our community and leaders, and joining in the effort to eliminate prejudice, injustice, and inequality

Launchpad challenges all our friends and colleagues to commit to positive change. Our future depends on what we do today, tomorrow, and all the days that follow.

Black Lives Matter.



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