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Liftoff Version 1.52

Greetings, Liftoff Community!

This blog post officially marks the fifty-second release of the Liftoff platform! With it, we’re bringing you a host of exciting new features and enhancements. Beyond this release, we’re preparing some extremely exciting news related to the future of the platform. Please stay tuned over the next few weeks – we’re about to unveil a paradigm shift in the way we handle ecommerce and order workflow management!

Here's what you can expect from this week's release:

Improved Pageflex template management

In response to our channel partners’ and product distributors’ growing use of variable templates, we’ve modified the template management toolset to better accommodate your needs. In line with improved sharing of assets among designers, we’ve added the ability for authorized users to download existing templates. Until now, users could only upload new templates or replace existing templates. This new function allows a team of designers a more managed approach to building templates against the platform. In addition to this, we’ve resolved several issues regarding locked fonts when replacing existing templates. The Pageflex process was holding on to various resources, causing the uploading process to fail intermittently for some users. No longer!

For more information about managing your templates, please see our interactive documentation located here:

New rules for budget allocation

Many of you have expressed that you would like an option to disable ordering of products married to budget allocation when a budget has been fully depleted. The ability to assign products specifically to budgets has existed for some time now, which allowed users to provide alternate payment when budgets have been exhausted. This new enhancement allows you to completely halt the checkout process if budget requirements aren’t met. Below is a short tutorial on how you can set this up on your own store:

  • Start by creating a budget for a specific product, category, or product custom field value:

  • Next, navigate to your product management screen and ensure the checkbox designated as “Require budget for purchase” is checked:

  • Optional: If you’d like to alert a user to the fact that something is a budget-controlled item, you can establish a rule under Shop Settings > Rules using the “Order on product landing page” rule. Within the “IF” conditional section, make sure the “Product requires budget for purchase” option is selected. Under the “Then” action, type a message you wish your user to see on the product landing page.

  • If everything is set up properly, the user will be unable to check out when they have budget-restricted items in their cart but an insufficient budget to cover the cost. The messaging will look something like this:

Private-labeled administrative dashboard

Many of you have requested the ability to customize the Liftoff dashboard with your own logo or, in some cases, your customer’s logo to help promote brand identity. We’re pleased to announce that you may now request a specific logo be positioned on the login screen and the top navigational banner of your Liftoff administrative dashboard! If you would like more information about customizing your dashboard to reflect your company or your customer’s branding, please contact your account manager for additional details. Please note that a fee may apply for establishing this customization.



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