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Liftoff Announces Strategic Partnership with Antera Software USA

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Liftoff Community,

We’re pleased to announce that Liftoff has developed a strategic partnership with Antera Software USA. Antera provides an extensive SaaS ERP platform that provides a strong back-office solution for print and promotional product distributors as well as suppliers. For our subscribers seeking an ERP and accounting backend to complement Liftoff’s powerful ecommerce features, Antera provides an extremely robust offering that supports CRM, product, and catalog management through Promo Standards and a host of intuitive management features. Liftoff and Antera are tightly integrated using Liftoff’s cXML, webhook, and OData REST API features, making the two platforms a very powerful combination.

As part of this strategic partnership, Liftoff and Antera are offering discounted support and professional services to subscribers that leverage both platforms. We encourage subscribers using both Antera and Liftoff to reach out to your account representatives to learn more about this partnership and your potential savings.

“Antera provides a superior backoffice option for Liftoff subscribers, and is developed and managed by a great team of folks.” Said Liftoff’s president, Andrew Alford. “Rick Peters and the Antera team are committed to developing a high-quality product, and we’re excited to solidify our engagement with them. I am confident this relationship will provide a great benefit and additional avenues to securing and obtaining new business for our subscribers.” Rick Peters, Antera’s CEO, commented “The Liftoff platform is a truly best-in-class ecommerce and web-to-print platform that integrates nicely with the Antera Advance suite of software. Our two teams have been working in parallel for almost a year, ensuring a clean transfer of information between platforms; this partnership solidifies our efforts and our commitment to providing game-changing solutions for the industry.”

When notified of this engagement, Nathan Goldberg, president of Arizona-based Specialized Office Systems, Inc., commented “I’m very happy to hear that Antera and Liftoff have formed this strategic partnership. From our first liftoff store that we created many years ago, we knew we were dealing with something special. We felt the same way the first time we saw a demo of Antera and have moved forward with both software solutions.” Nathan adds “The way we work internally and with our customers and suppliers is forever changed for the better because of our usage of these two complimentary products. With the tight integration and the cooperation between these two great companies, I feel like we have state of the art backoffice (Antera) and front office (Liftoff) solutions.”

Why Antera and Liftoff?

Our two teams have been working together on joint client projects over the last year. During those years we discovered a host of complimentary parallels between our offerings and found we both had something unique and powerful to offer; when combined, the two systems provide a significant solution for our mutual clients, something not found within other industry-specific platforms.

Are discounts available outside of a mutual engagement?

Antera and Liftoff are able to provide discounts only where we have mutual clients. Both Antera and Liftoff recognize cost savings as a result of our combined support efforts and want to pass these savings on to our users to help make the financial commitment to multiple systems much easier to accommodate.

When does your partnership finalize?

Our partnership has been finalized and we encourage our subscribers to evaluate how you might leverage both systems to experience a truly modern and scalable open commerce solution.



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