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Fulfillment Workflows and Conditional Fulfillment

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Liftoff Community,

A few weeks ago, we provided a heads-up that a new exciting feature combination was on the horizon. We're proud to announce that the Fulfillment Workflows and Conditional Fulfillment features were successfully released Saturday, July 30th, and are both ready for use!

This release is significant, and we want to ensure all our subscribers realize quick success with this new set of features. Please review the information below to prepare for Liftoff:

Fulfillment workflows

This new feature replaces the way you manage product fulfillment with your vendors. Instead of creating fulfillment workflows for each product, you will be able to define a specific vendor workflow you can reuse for any product. If you’re accustomed to uploading or updating products through batch jobs, you may supply the name of your fulfillment workflow and Liftoff will provision your product and workflow accordingly. With this feature, the Product Vendor Mapping batch job will be deprecated and removed from your list of options as it will no longer be necessary. This should greatly improve your process for creating and managing products.

Conditional Fulfillment

Conditional fulfillment allows you to create workflow rules for your products that determine what fulfillment workflow/vendor to use based on certain order conditions. In our initial release, you will be able to establish fulfillment rules based on order quantity or the rush status of an order. For example, you may want to send orders over a specific quantity to a vendor where you may get better pricing for longer runs while sending smaller quantities to an entirely separate vendor. We believe this newly added flexibility will give you better control and opportunities to provide cost savings to your customers.

When will these new features launch?

These features are currently in UAT and are scheduled to deploy early Saturday, July 30th.

Is this new feature documented?

Yes! You may review the documentation for this feature ahead of go-live by navigating to Please feel welcome to read this article in preparation for next week’s release.

Will this release negatively impact my accounts?

We do not anticipate either feature negatively impacting your accounts; however, due to the magnitude of this release, our support staff and development teams will actively monitor all logs and error channels and proactively resolve any issues as they arise.

Will I have an opportunity to preview this release?

All subscribers with sandbox access will be able to preview this release prior to launch. Subscribers without sandbox access may request a guided walkthrough* with their account manager.

*based on availability.

As always, please reach out to your account manager if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to ensuring your success with these new features.

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