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Feature Spotlight: Default Banner Content and Messaging Rules

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

The holiday season is quickly approaching! As you work through the logistics of higher demand and prioritize timely delivery, you may wonder how best to communicate fulfillment times with shoppers in order to manage expectations and keep things running smoothly.

Liftoff has two excellent features that can help you inform your customers: default banner content and messaging rules.

What is default banner content?

Default banner content is a dedicated space on your storefront that you can use to display messages to your customers. It will remain at the very top of your site’s pages.

Default banner content at the top, in red.

What are messaging rules?

Messaging rules direct Liftoff to display specific messaging in different areas, including product landing pages, cart, checkout, order confirmation pages, and customer email notifications.

Which one should I use?

You can use one or both of them! This is entirely dependent on what your message is. If the intent behind your message is to communicate a longer-than-normal production time for all products, you probably want to use the default banner content, a message in the checkout, and probably an additional reminder on the customer’s email notification with information about how to get in touch with any questions. If your intent is to say “Happy Holidays” or perhaps offer a discount code for a future purchase, you may want to simply use the customer email notification.

What do I need before I use these?

All you need to know is what you want to say (which we all know takes up the most time). Once you know what you want to say, think about where it would be helpful to you, as a shopper, to read this message, and place the banner or rule there. Implementation is the easy part!

Where can I learn more?

Our documentation is always there for you! It has tips on creating custom content and establishing rules.



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