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Favicons, FTW!

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

One easy way to stand out

Face it, we’ve all been there: enter the image of a browser open with 20+ tabs cascading across your desktop. How do you easily tell them apart? The favicon, of course! This beautiful little creation helps sites otherwise buried in a sea of tabs stand out from all the rest. So, what’s a favicon and how do you use one? We’re glad you asked! Keep reading to learn how you can implement your own custom favicon and be a standout tab in the proverbial sea of tabs.

What is a favicon?

A favicon is a small image that is populated for a site on browser tabs, browser bookmarks, and icons on mobile devices when a customer saves a site to their home screen.

Standard favicon

A favicon helps tie a site together with fluid site branding. Humans tend to translate icons into meaningful and correlative symbology; we look for things that are familiar.

Customers will remember your logo and look for it in their bookmarks, open tabs, and everywhere else your branding might be displayed. Never discount the importance of asserting your brand!

Setting up a favicon

What you’ll need:

You will need a transparent PNG file that is 152x152 pixels.

How to add a custom favicon within Liftoff

Log in to your My Liftoff portal via Open your menu and navigate to Website > Settings. From within the Website Settings page, find the Images tab and open it. Here, you’ll be presented with options for uploading a company logo, background image, and favicon.

To add your favicon, simply drag your transparent PNG file into the “Drop file here to upload” area. Once the upload has completed, simply click “Save Images” and your new favicon will be ready for primetime! You can review your changes by navigating to the website you added the favicon to and checking the icon that appears in the tab. If you do not immediately see it, don’t worry. It may require a restart of your browser to pick up the new image.

So, what's next? Well, nothing. It's really THAT easy! Adding a favicon to your Liftoff site is a simple task, but allows for a truly unique personalization of your clients branding on each store or site you create.


Our team hopes you enjoyed this short Quick Tips article and hope that you found it helpful. Please keep your eyes open for our next release!



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