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Employee Spotlight: Amanda Cole

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Every month, we like to shine the spotlight on our team members who make the biggest difference for our subscribers. This month, we interviewed Amanda Cole, our new account manager. In her short time here, Amanda has proven her value as a member of our team! Learn all about Amanda and her role in our operations in our monthly Q&A below.

Liftoff: What’s your origin story? What brought you to Liftoff?

Amanda: I’m very new to the team! I recently joined Liftoff in September of 2022. I was looking to switch careers from being a virtual instructor for a major technology giant to doing something new when then this opportunity presented itself, and I jumped on it! To the naked eye, being a virtual trainer and being an account manager do not have much in common. However, in my time here, I’ve been able to implement and use plenty of skills I didn’t realize would apply to both positions. These skills include my knowledge of communication styles, delivery experience, and having a very “Type A” personality.

Liftoff: Tell us about what you do!

Amanda: I’m an account manager, which is essentially exactly what it sounds like. I manage a large share of our current subscribers and their accounts by providing basic help desk support, creating development tickets on their behalf, and additionally implementing changes on the backend. I love the flexibility this company offers its employees; it makes dealing with “life” far easier. This has taken away a lot of the stress I’ve previously experienced from balancing work and my personal life. I also truly enjoy the platform I work with every day. I love being an expert, and Liftoff has proven to be very interesting to learn. Despite the learning curve, I’m working towards perfection, and I can not wait to be an expert in this new endeavor!

Liftoff: Have you had any mentors throughout your career?

Amanda: Having a mentor is one of the best relationships you can develop in your lifetime. When I first started at my previous job, they had a mentorship program in place to help new hires while they took their first phone calls. The first few months of a job are a very stressful experience for brand-new employees, and these assigned mentors really made all the difference in their new start. Once upon a time, I was one of the newbies and had the best mentor I could ask for! She helped me feel more confident in what I was doing and let me know I had her continued support during and after the mentorship ended. This relationship not only inspired me to be the best phone advisor I could become, but it also encouraged me to join the Training Team and become an instructor. Although I am not at that job anymore, being an instructor for such a long time was an amazing experience, and I likely wouldn’t have gone down that route without having the mentor I had at the start.

Liftoff: What makes you happy?

Amanda: Outside of work, I enjoy a variety of things. In the creative realm, I love to draw, paint, write, and practice photography. Aside from that, spending time with my family and friends is one of my favorite activities. I am also an avid collector of Squishmallows, vinyl, and crystals!



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