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Whitestone: a Creative Branding Experience

As we enter fall and prepare for the upcoming holidays, it’s time to gear up for the next season of branded merchandise! We’re ringing in the season with a spotlight on one of our many incredible subscribers: Whitestone. Whether you’re looking for seasonal items or merch kits for any time of the year, Whitestone has you covered.

We asked Whitestone to share some of their favorite merch kits and products, and they delivered! Here’s a peek into some of their kits; they’re packed full of unique, high-quality products that will be sure to stun.

We asked, “What does Whitestone do?”

“Whitestone is a branding agency that specializes in product. We begin by embracing our core belief that ‘No Two Stones Are Alike,’ and we approach each client, company, and project with a tailored mindset. As an agency, we are equipped to help our clients with e-commerce solutions, creative design services, kitting & fulfillment. Our client roster ranges from MAC Cosmetics to Goldman Sachs and everyone in between, and we pride ourselves on our service and our creativity when it comes to producing branded products for corporate or retail audiences.”

The Jetsetter Kit

The Jetsetter Kit is more than a collection of products; it's an immersive experience.

Inspired by the 1960s golden age of travel, it merges vintage and modern designs for a first-class ambiance.

From the custom leather travel case to the embossed logo reminiscent of passport stamps, the kit evokes a spirit of adventure. The color palette aligns with a cozy fall feeling while still following the tonal trend we’re seeing in the market. This curated kit is an all-inclusive travel companion that enhances your journey.”

Check out the Jetsetter trend shop!

Back to the 90’s Kit

“Whitestone offers a custom-designed kit that combines the trending 90’s nostalgia with modern functionality to showcase our services and express gratitude to valuable clients. With the resurgence of 90’s nostalgia, this kit captures the essence of the decade through themed curated designs.

Featuring a fanny pack, bucket hat, slap koozie, journal, pen set, sticker pack, bookmark, and a custom magnetic close box resembling the iconic Jansport backpack, this exclusive gift set offers a practical and stylish homage to the enduring influence of the ’90s.”

Prepare for the holidays!

Now that fall is here, it’s time you get started on your holiday branded merchandise game plan. Whitestone can help you out!

Whitestone: “We believe that it’s never too early to think ahead for the holiday season! Our Holiday Lookbook includes an awesome assortment of curated gifts that are certain to make a lasting impression. This year’s thoughtfully designed ‘Winter Wanderlust’ edition offers trending items to assist with gift ideation and holiday list completion.”

Take a look through Whitestone’s Annual Holiday Lookbook for some gift-worthy products and get a head start on your holiday shopping. Their Holiday Trend Shop has everything you need to get gifting!

What’s next: Trend Forecast

What do your branded product recipients want to see? What’s performed the best, and what do the experts predict will be the next big thing? Whitestone has prepared a trend forecast to answer your questions!

Whitestone: “Whitestone's Brand Team has dedicated its efforts to defining and highlighting the year's predominant trends. Whitestone's completed 2023 Trend Forecast includes an outline of these trends and links to corresponding blogs and trend shops, and it ends with the Holiday 2023 Lookbook. Trend identification and custom incorporation are key distinguishing factors that set Whitestone apart in its service to clients!”

Stay ahead of the times and on top of the trends with Whitestone’s 2023 Trend Forecast!

Why Whitestone?

Whitestone curates the best of the best for their clients, and it shows! Demonstrate your appreciation for your customers by offering them top-notch branded merchandise. When it comes to creating a unique and memorable customer experience, you can count on Whitestone’s expertise!



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