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Shopping small for the spookiest season

If you’re personally looking for one-of-a-kind Halloween products, why not shop small? Our team has scoured Etsy for items that you can’t find anywhere else and discovered plenty of tricks and treats. Millions of high-quality, unique, and handcrafted items fill the site! We recommend supporting small businesses and artists through your online sales; the results are rewarding in more ways than one.

Products to look out for

Whether you like your decor spine-tingling spooky or creepy cute, there are plenty of options across Etsy to choose from! We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite picks with the best reviews to highlight what the website’s sellers have to offer for the season.

  • Large Wall Hanging Face Clock

    • This creepy clock is a great example of some of the creativity you can discover shopping small that you likely won’t find anywhere else! Fully functioning and handmade? Sign us up!

  • Creepy Hands Wall Candles

    • Is there anything more haunting than a hallway lit by these mysterious hands? You can choose the color and style of the hands, each of which comes with an LED candle!

  • Halloween Scented Candles

    • These soy-based, vegan, and cruelty-free candles celebrate some of the most nostalgic Halloween movies! With over 6,600 sales on this product, scary has never smelled so good.

  • Finger Hermit Crab Sculpture

    • Etsy is fraught with unique, handcrafted sculptures! Many sellers offer customization on items like these, from the sculpture itself to the paint used. If you’re looking for creative or eccentric, who you gonna call? Etsy artists!

  • Medusa Bust Lamp

    • This beautifully eerie lamp is one of many designs sold by this seller in particular, and it is based on a 1630’s piece by Italian sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Color-changing RGB LED lights make this lamp customizable to your surroundings and help set the tone in any room!

  • Luminous Tree Spirits

    • These adorable glow-in-the-dark miniature figurines add the tiniest bit of mischief to your decor. Previous buyers say they’re the perfect addition to terrariums, miniature collections, and even year-round for Easter egg hunts.

  • Skull Bottle Shadow Light

    • Fully mountable or available with a wall plug, this chandelier is chilling! Akin to some of the seller’s other products, this lamp is designed to cast a creative shadow that is sure to impress.

  • Bat Suncatcher

    • Handmade stained glass is yet another skilled creation you can find in abundance on Etsy. This eye-catching and sun-catching product is a stunning way to commemorate the season!

  • Floating LED Candles

    • There is something almost magical about these floating LED candles! Whether you’re having a magic-themed party or a ghostly gathering, these lights provide the perfect ambiance.

  • Ceramic Halloween Tree

    • If you’re already excited for Christmas, we are too! If you’d like to mix a bit of Christmas spirit into your Halloween traditions, you might want to add this twist on a sentimental holiday classic to your decorative collection.

  • Michael Myers Candy Bowl

    • This 3D-printed candy dish looks a little familiar. Celebrate Halloween with one of America’s most well-known figures of the season!

  • Halloween-Themed Apparel

    • If you’re looking for Halloween-themed apparel, Etsy is the place to be! Shop from hundreds of thousands of chilling choices across the website for clothes of all sizes and designs.

Why shop small?

Small businesses deserve some extra love! For starters, they make a major economic impact. As of 2022, there are over 33.2 million small businesses in America, accounting for 99.9% of all companies in the country! This represents a 12.2% growth over the past five years alone (Oberlo, SBA). Aside from the economic benefit, when buying from small businesses, you’ll usually find better customer service, higher quality products, and a more diverse selection compared to a big box store. Small businesses aren’t only found online; they are all around you! Small, local stores are highly beneficial to their communities. Other than the creation of jobs, these businesses often give back to the neighborhood through donations and charitable acts. Forbes has reported that, in 2017, 75% of small businesses donated to charity. A 2019 report by SCORE points out that small businesses were 250% more likely to donate than large businesses. Shopping small affects not only the quality of your purchase and buying experience but also helps local communities in the long run! No matter the time of year or what you’re looking for, a small business could be the answer to your buying needs.



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