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Working with product weights in Liftoff

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Are product weights really important? The quick answer is yes...if you want to calculate shipping costs.

In Liftoff, you have the ability to set a weight for each individual SKU. This is because we know that a size XS shirt is going to weigh less than a 4XL shirt. The weight difference might be minimal between the two, but the difference adds up and can have an impact on the final cost of your calculated shipping.

Liftoff calculates shipping costs by looking at the weight of the product, how many products there are, where its shipping from and where its shipping to. If you are just guessing on your weights for the sake of getting the products loaded, you are doing a disservice to your customers as well as potentially losing money on shipping costs.

If you’re offering shipping on your site and you have a product’s weight set at 0LB and 0oz, your customers will not have the ability to checkout with that product in the cart. Instead, they’ll receive an error saying “No shipping methods are available” because it’s true! It isn’t possible to calculate the cost of shipping when one of the values that calculation depends on isn’t present.

So, whether you're building your first store or adding new products to an existing store, take special care in making sure your product weights are accurate!


As always, the account management team is always available to help answer your questions. Our documentation is available 24/7 at and you can submit a support ticket at any time by going to



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