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Pending 7/31 UPS Strike: what you should know

Updated: Aug 30, 2023


You’ve undoubtedly heard about the pending UPS strike set for July 31st, 2023, less than two weeks away. UPS and the teamsters union have been unable to reach an agreement, and a strike appears imminent for the first time since 1997. With this in mind, the Liftoff team wanted to share some insights as we move closer to this date.

I only have a UPS account! What do I do?!

Please act immediately if you plan on shipping with another carrier, such as FedEx. Our vendors and manufacturers are already locking in promissory shipment quantities with FedEx and are being told that FedEx is vehemently enforcing shipping caps. If you do not act soon, you may be unable to ship with FedEx.

I have a FedEx account, but I don’t see FedEx options listed in Liftoff. What do I do?

To use your FedEx account with Liftoff, you must first create an EasyPost account that can be shared with Liftoff to facilitate this integration. More information can be found in our documentation at this link:

How long will the strike last?

There is a lot of speculation on this topic. The last strike that took place in 1997 lasted a total of 16 days, costing UPS an estimated $600MM in revenue. An event like this in 2023 could yield much higher losses for UPS, meaning UPS will have to yield at some point to remain viable. We recommend keeping in touch with your representatives and manufacturing partners for updates.

How will Liftoff support subscribers during this event?

The team at Liftoff is ready to assist our subscribers in migrating from UPS to FedEx as needed. If you anticipate you’ll need assistance, please be sure to reach out well in advance of the strike to ensure our team has the bandwidth to help.



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