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Hurricane Irma

To our many outstanding Liftoff clients,

As many in our great nation continue to recover from Hurricane Harvey, another threat looms on the horizon in the southeast. At this time our satellite offices in St. Petersburg Florida appear to be directly within the line of sight of Hurricane Irma. Our staff in those offices are taking the proper measures to ensure their personal safety and their surrounding families. We ask that you please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Current weather patterns predict that the remains of this storm will move into the Atlanta area mid to late day Monday with sustained winds of up to 60 mph. At this time we are not announcing a closure of our Atlanta offices, however support may be limited later in the day Monday or Tuesday as the situation develops. Should conditions merit a closure, our first priority will be the security and safety of our staff members and their families. A state of emergency has already been declared in counties just south of our offices with some expectation that that area may move north. We greatly appreciate your understanding in these matters.

As long as it is possible, our team will continue to provide legendary support to you and your clients.

Question and Answer

Q: Is there a possibility that this storm will take my site offline? A: The event of this is highly unlikely. Your Liftoff sites are in data centers scattered across the US with multiple points of redundancy and failure recovery in place. We’ve spent a great amount to detail to our network to ensure downtime is an extremely unlikely event.

Q: How can I receive assistance in the event your offices close? A: Your best option for reaching support will be to email or This will ensure that one of our available technicians is able to assist you.

Q: Where should I go for general information? A: You may continue to call our offices at 877-600-2019 or by emailing and we’ll respond just as soon as we can.

On behalf of the entire crew here at Launchpad and Liftoff, we thank you for your support.

Best Regards, Andrew Alford, President Launchpad Intelligent Software, LLC



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