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Employee Spotlight: Ben Boyles

Here at Liftoff, we like to shine a spotlight on our team members who make the biggest difference for our subscribers through a Q&A-style interview! This month, we sat down with Ben Boyles, a QA and Support Specialist we’re proud to have on our team. We asked Kam Bass, our QA and Support Manager, to introduce him.

“From the time Ben started working at Liftoff,” she said, “he has displayed an uncanny ability to figure out complex issues reported by our subscribers. Admittedly, at the beginning of his employment, I expected him to reach out for assistance when researching support issues. Come to find out he didn’t need my help at all! That makes him such a great asset to our team. Ben has a great attitude and works so well with all members of the team. He’s also hilarious, which is actually one of my favorite qualities he brings to the table. His GIF game is strong!”

Keep reading to learn more about Ben and the role he plays here at Liftoff!

Liftoff: Where’d you get your start in the tech industry, Ben?

Ben: My journey into the tech industry, specifically as a Software QA, all started about three years ago. I discovered this opportunity through Indeed, and it felt like the perfect fit! Since then, I've gained experience from various roles and employers. This includes a significant time at Longares Global Operations Inc (LOGO Inc.), where Joel Longares and Jimmy Ho greatly influenced my early career development. Now, thanks to a partnership between DCX and Liftoff, I’ve been with Liftoff Commerce since October 2023! 

Liftoff: What role do you play here at Liftoff?

Ben: At Liftoff, I wear dual hats as a Software QA and a Support Specialist. My role involves creating detailed test plans and executing them to ensure our software meets the highest quality standards. On the support side, I serve as one of the first lines of defense when clients report issues. I create tickets, dive deep to understand the problem, reproduce it, and then collaborate with our engineering team for a resolution. My favorite parts of the job are the problem-solving aspect and the satisfaction of ensuring a seamless user experience.

Liftoff: What would you say your favorite feature of the platform is?

Ben: My job requires me to engage with various features regularly, which makes it challenging to pick a favorite. If I had to pick just one, I’d say Order Integration particularly intrigues me. This is because of its capability to streamline the process of transferring order details between systems using methods like cXML.

Liftoff: Is there anyone you’ve looked up to as a career mentor?

Ben: Right after college, COVID started to change the world. During the challenging times of the pandemic, I was fortunate to have Joel Longares and Jimmy Ho of LOGO Inc. as my mentors. They gave me an opportunity in IT when others hesitated, teaching me invaluable lessons in thinking outside the box, prioritizing customer satisfaction, and embracing continuous learning. Their combined mentorship has profoundly shaped my approach to my career and life!

Liftoff: What makes you happiest?

Ben: My joy comes from the simple things – spending time with my niece and nephew, appreciating moments with my parents, and cherishing the love I share with my partner, Yen. Outside of work, I actively involve myself in church, indulge in the world of anime, enjoy time with family, and travel to be with Yen, overcoming the challenges of a long-distance relationship.

Liftoff: Ben, do you have any parting thoughts for our community?

Ben: To the Liftoff community: You need to know that anime holds a special place in my heart. Anime is far from being just for kids; it often encompasses stories with depth, emotion, and complexity that may even surpass those found in non-anime narratives. If you're curious about where to start or looking for recommendations, I'm your go-to person!



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