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Liftoff is Headed to Margaritaville!

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

It's official, Liftoff will be at this year's Brand Chain "Brand Together 2022" event, this October 10th through October 12th! Brand Together is one of Brand Chain's premiere events, with participation from all corners of the print, promo, apparel, marketing, and technology sphere.

The Solutions Village

This year's event features an extremely captivating tour of our suppliers' and sponsors' solutions through the use of cottages that line the Margaritaville property. This unique approach provides a casual and comfortable environment while you evaluate everything Brand Chain suppliers have to offer!

Brand Chain Networking and Community

Brand Chain is one of the few associations that truly understand and near-perfectly implement the concept of community. Here, you can feel free to communicate and share your challenges and successes with other Brand Chain members. Collectively, this allows us all to push the envelope and develop new solutions and experiences for our customers, and subsequently, our customers' clients.

For more information about Brand Chain, visit their website:



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