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Company Spotlight - Rocket Label

This month we’re officially kicking off our customer spotlight. Each month we’re going to feature a company that’s used Liftoff to re-invent the way they do business online. Some of the companies we’ll present are startups that have used Liftoff as the catalyst for their business while others we feature will have an already well established foundation and re-shaping their internet play with the Liftoff platform.

Boosting Your Image with Rocket Label

Regardless of where you’re sitting right now, you’re surrounded by them. Stickers and labels; they’re everywhere! Look under your mouse, your keyboard; what do you see? Could you imagine going to the grocery store and visualizing products without labels? There are millions of labels adhered all around us and yet, we’re mostly oblivious that they’re there.

The label industry is growing by leaps and bounds, likely more than any segment in the printing world. Every time a food law changes there’s a huge surge of new labels created and put into place to accommodate the latest FDA regulation. There’s a price change at the local super market and everything has to be marked up. You’re going to need a label for that.

Our featured company, Rocket Label, is no stranger to these situations. They’re an internet based label company with no direct sales force, relying only on SEO and Google AdWords for business. We met with Steve Farmer, the general manager of the Atlanta GA based business and asked him a few questions about how Liftoff re-shaped their business. This is his take on how Liftoff helped change their future.

LP: Have you always been an internet based company or was a direct sales force ever part of the mix?

SF: We have. Since the day we opened our doors, we’ve had 100 percent, total reliance on internet based ordering and streamlined production automation. All of our equipment is digital, which means that we can effectively take orders right off our website and send them straight to press.

LP: Was Liftoff your first choice for e-commerce platform?

SF: To be honest, no. We were working with consultants on an implementation of Magento. We had a very limited budget to work with and the concepts we were dealing with carried a huge price tag. I personally signed up for a Liftoff free trial and almost passed it over. I was completely mesmerized by the toolset that was present. Within that 15-day trial period I had constructed the very first iteration of the Rocket Label website. Previously I was looking at a nearly 180-day project that was well into the 5 figure range.

LP: You’re currently an enterprise customer on Liftoff; when did you make the jump, and why?

SF: For the first year we were in business things were great on Liftoff. We knew there were things we needed that were unique to us, but somewhat out of reach for other platforms. We generated a list of ideas and posed them to your enterprise sales team. Within a few days I had an in-depth meeting with a solutions architect who wasn’t just reading off my notes, but he had actually presented some counter-ideas that we found intriguing. I knew that if we were going to be a contender in this industry, it was time to get serious. Liftoff is practically the backbone of our business. It feeds my internal production, communicates with my vendors in real-time and provides me arcuate reporting of everything going on within my business.

LP: What’s next for Rocket Label?

SF: We have so many great things on the docket for 2017 and have already engaged the Liftoff enterprise team on how we get there. We’re prepping for a site redesign, leveraging new vendor API’s, using your records management tools for capturing new leads and focusing on a new line of product that will take full advantage of your web-to-print and Pageflex capabilities.

LP:What would you say to anyone looking to get into the business that you’re in?

SF:That’s an easy one. Step one – get yourself a Liftoff site. Step two – work with the awesome team at Launchpad and share your ideas. Step three – grow your business.

About Rocket Label

Rocket Label is an Atlanta based online-only printer of stickers and labels. They serve dozens of industries from food and drug to chemicals and heavy duty machinery. They’ve been in business since 2013 and have a staff of 15 administrative and production employees. You can learn more about Rocket Label at



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